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Welcome to my world of Glass!

Becky Caraco at the Pasadena Bead and Design Show

I have been working with glass for several years now.  I love the magic of fusing, slumping, and making beads!

My favorite glass technique is to make glass beads (also called lampworking or flameworking)!   To make the beads, I use a very hot torch to melt beautifully colored rods of glass.  Then I add metals, such as silver and gold leaf, and dichroic glass and any other substances that can be melted into the glass. The effects and changeability of the colors are so fun!

Glass Pendants

Shaping is the biggest challenge.  The shaping and spinning techniques somehow remind me of my pottery days!  The bead has to be kept moving constantly so it doesn’t just melt off and become a blob on the table, and the tools I use to shape require a fair amount of practice to achieve the shape I want.  I love the challenge of it!

Then, when my beads have been slowly cooled (this is done in a digitally controlled kiln), I make some of them into one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry.  Also, many of my beads are used by other jewelry designers to be made into their own creations.


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Jewelry Assortment

The beauty and awe of glass has captivated me as my favorite medium of creating, and my inspiration is simply the possibilities that colors themselves allow.  Color in any form is beautiful, but then combine colors and it’s amazing!  The natural world is full of wonderful color combinations and effects, and I like to think that I’m just transferring some of those inspired color masterpieces into my glass creation.

glass earrings glass buttons

Fabulous and durable glass buttons and beads!

Nightlights, Becky Caraco Designs

Fused Glass Nightlights

When you're in Downtown Mariposa, be sure to also visit the Mariposa Arts Council Treetop Gallery located on the second floor of Chocolate Soup. Here, you'll find more of my one-of-a-kind jewelry designs along with a wonderful collection of fabulous Mariposa artists (many of them are world famous!) I, also, sell my Buttons, Stitch Marker Charms, and Jewelry to wonderful shops all over the country. Please visit my website, www.BeckysGlass.com, to see a list of Retailers near you!

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